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Setting up and managing social media profiles for a business 
Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing Place, Facebook 
Setup GMB=$25 
Login to Google with your account if you need to create a new account 

  1. Go to Google My Business  
  2. Click Manage Now 
  3. You must see setting up a new business page 
  4. Use info provided in this document and on the page that you’ve been sent. 
  • Business name = Austin Junk Movers– Walnut Creek  
  • Category = Debris Removal Services 
  • Service area = Austin, TX. , Village At Walnut Creek, Austin, TX, USA
  • Do you want to add a location that customers can visit? 
  • No 
  • Phone number = (512) 9919105 
  • Website URL = 
  • Email address to submit questions and confirmation images =  
  • Finish and manage 
  1. Please enter mailing address to verify 
  2. Use your address here to receive the verification code from Google 
  3. Use your name in the postcard by mail. 
  4. Send me the screenshot of your completed process for your first payment. 

Finalize GMB= $25 
You’ve received the postcard with the pin now what? 

  1. Log back into this GMB, using your email and password. 
  2. You will see the pending verification box 
  3. Select the enter verification code 
  4. When complete let me know  
  5. Adding a manager to this business 
  6. Add a manager to your business 
  7. Send Invite  
  8. Add Users 
  9. Use 
  10. Choose a RoleSelect Site Manager
  11. When confirmed 
  12. Make Primary Owner 

Send me the screenshot of your completed process for your second payment.